Ceramic tiles are one of the most versa’tile’ building material used by mankind for ages. Ceramic tiles have been in use from as early as 4000 BC. The popularity of ceramic tiles has grown over the years due to technological advancements and spread throughout the globe.

Ceramic tiles come in thousands of different shapes, sizes, colors and can be used as a wall or floor tile for kitchen, bathroom, living space, bedroom, and almost any other area of the home. The superior performance of these tiles means less mess and more peace of mind. Read on to discover the 4P’s of ceramic tiles and why they may be the best choice for your house.

  1. Price range: With great versatility comes a great price range. The starting price for ceramic tiles is anywhere from Rs 35/sq. feet to Rs 105/sq. feet. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach for tiles. With 1000s of tile to choose from depending on shape, color, and size it can become a daunting task to find that perfect tile in your assigned budget. Give us a call to help you find the right tile within the right budget. We will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect fit.
  1. Perquisites: Ceramic tiles have numerous advantages over wallpaper, marbles, wooden, or carpet types of flooring. Easy to clean, scratch and fire-resistant, hygienic are some of the important and pragmatic perquisites. However, the most important one, especially during contemporary times, is the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The process of manufacturing ceramic tiles is environment friendly as raw materials include clay and minerals.
  1. Purpose: Wherever you need, whatever you need we have the perfect ceramic tile for you. Ceramic tiles are all-purpose tiles and can be categorized as floor tiles and wall tiles. They can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, terrace, living room, etc. Due to their versatility and easy to clean property these tiles are most preferred for the bathroom and kitchen.
  1. Process of manufacturing: The steps to manufacture a tile include batching, mixing and grinding, spray-drying, forming, drying, glazing, and firing. India has a total installed capacity of 4 million square meter tiles per day. Most tile manufacturers now use statistical process control for each step of the manufacturing process. Statistical process control consists of charts that are used to monitor various processing parameters, such as particle size, milling time, drying temperature and time, compaction pressure, etc. These charts identify problems with equipment, out of spec conditions, and help to improve yields before the final product is finished.

Now that we have learned something about ceramic tiles, why not give this life-long material a chance to try at your doorstep? We at Thetileshouse.com will be extremely delighted to help you choose the perfect tile for your humble abode. Give us a call now to get free samples at your doorstep and share with us your wonderful journey of building a home

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