Modern Balcony Tiles Design to Give Your Balcony an Elegant Makeover

The Tiles House invites you to browse through our huge selection of modern balcony tiles designs, each crafted expertly with a unique aesthetic touch. The tiles in our store can be used to decorate the floors and walls of your balcony in a plethora of different ways. We aim to satisfy a diverse range of preferences and tastes with balcony tiles that come in various designs and finishing styles.

From rustic and modern-3D designs to satin and high-gloss finishes, we have a tile that’s bound to grab your attention. Furthermore, you get to choose from more than 20 different color options.With balconies, what you really need are tiles that are exceptionally strong and resilient. That is exactly what we at The Tiles House offer. Our tiles are made from high-quality vitrified stone, ceramic, and porcelain material.They’ll last you for many years to come and can easily withstand damage caused by harsh weather and unpleasant climate conditions. These tiles will cost you anywhere between Rs 65 per sq ft to Rs 3000 per sq ft.

If you find a balcony tile you like, simply contact us to get a sample of that tile home-delivered to you for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What materials are balcony tiles typically made from?
A– Balcony tiles are typically made from high-quality materials like porcelain and ceramic. These tiles are known for being long-lasting and resistant to damage caused by harsh weather, thus becoming ideal for outdoor spaces like balconies. Here at The Tiles House, you’ll find tiles made from durable natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, etc.

Q: Can balcony tiles be used in outdoor or indoor areas?
A– Balcony tiles are typically used for outdoor spaces, primarily because of their strong, durable, and weather-resistant nature. However, they can also be used to decorate indoor areas because of these very same benefits.

Q: Are balcony tiles slip-resistant?
A– Balcony tiles are made for outdoor spaces that come in constant contact with rain, dust, etc. For this reason, it is a must for balcony tiles… especially those used for floors, to be slip-resistant. The Tiles House harbors a wide range of balcony floor tiles design options that exhibit this crucial property very well.

Q: Are there options for eco-friendly balcony tiles?
A– At The Tiles House, you’ll find many balcony tiles made from materials known for their eco-friendliness. Ceramic Tiles, for instance, are known for being the most environmentally friendly options out there because of their long lifespan.

We offer ceramic and porcelain tiles made from 100% natural raw materials. As these materials are typically found near manufacturing factories, their use results in less fuel consumption. If porcelain and ceramic aren’t your things, we have tiles made from long-lasting, 100% recyclable natural stone as well.

Q: Can balcony tiles design be customized to match a specific color scheme or design aesthetic?
A– The Tiles House is a rare online store for tiles that offers personalized balcony design tiles. You can either post your requirements on our website or send pictures of tiles you clicked or saw online. We’ll design and deliver a tile that best meets your specific requirements with regard to the color scheme and design aesthetic.

Q: Are balcony tiles suitable for all types of weather?
A– The balcony tiles you’ll find at The Tiles House are made from high-quality raw material… the kind that’s strong, long-lasting, abrasion resistant, and capable of withstanding harsh weather all year round. Be it cold, heat, or rain; you can count on our robust tiles to last you a very long time in a top-notch state.

Q: What are the benefits of using balcony tiles?
A– There are many benefits to using balcony tiles. Some of the most prominent ones are as follows

  • They can be used to decorate your exterior spaces
  • They are highly durable and capable of withstanding wear-and-tear
  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • They are weather-resistant
  • They exhibit anti-slip properties


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