Choosing the right tile color can be an intimidating task for many of us out there. More so when you have 1000s of colors to choose from and all of them look like the perfect match for your house.

Color Psychology is a powerful interior design tool that takes into consideration various emotions associated with colors.

  1. Green: The first thing that comes when someone hears ‘Green’ is the lush and wild nature. The soothing and calm effect it brings to the mind is unmatchable. While nothing can match the satisfaction of a weekend getaway into lush green places, green-themed tiles can surely bring you an inch closer to it right at your home.

We recommend Green for common spaces like a living room, lobby, or dedicated family lounges as it will add a touch of serenity to much precious family gatherings.

  • Red: Red color is associated with love, passion, and desire. Think of red tile as a tool to heighten the senses, raise energy levels, and stir up excitement — the kind of color that creates a memorable first impression and gets people talking. It is also known to stimulate hunger and thus best for kitchen interiors. To insert this color in your kitchen decoration, you could choose wall tiles in red shades and place them above and under the upper kitchen cabinets. If you prefer a more muted effect, simply pick wall tiles with more moderate red variations.
  • Blue: Reminiscent of the sky and the ocean, this color emotes the feeling of freshness and calm. This color shade is hence recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms for a relaxing and comforting personal space. These spaces are where you want to unwind at the end of a long and tiring day. Various shades of blue can be used to bring out the best effect of the space. A combination of Blue and Green tile is suitable for a maximum calming effect.
  • White: Traditionally, White has been used in bathrooms in Indian homes due to its light reflectivity and more so because of its association with cleanliness and purity. This may be a thing of the past now. White interiors are slowly finding its way inside bedrooms and drawing rooms because it alleviates emotional turbulence and creates a sense of order and efficiency, helping to declutter mind and life.
  • Black: It associated with luxury, elegance, and sophistication. While black can create the illusion of a smaller room it may not be as risky as you may think. To bring out the best of Black Tiles limit it to one wall along with a light color on other walls to bring out the best contrast.
  • Beige/Brown tile: Nothing says stability, reliability, and affordability like Brown. This robust, weighty color adds an earthy richness to the interior decor that makes a space feel warm and inviting, encouraging your family and friends to stop and unwind. This color is ideal for large spaces in your home like a drawing-room, living room, or the family lounge. Brown tiles on your terrace or balcony bring out the best in them, especially on rainy days.

Now that you have learned the psychology of various colors and have a better ability to make the right decision, what are you waiting for? Check out the range at to order the right color tile for your home or call us to get the help of our experienced executives to guide you in making the correct decision.

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