“THE NEW NORMAL” – These are the words every corporate boss is using about the current work from home culture. The pandemic has forced more business than ever to adopt work from home model. For some, the transition may stick.

Gradually, companies will start to evaluate new employees based on their capacity to work from home. This brings into spotlight the importance of good workspace at your home.

The best of the offices at home inspires productivity in addition to looking good. Rejuvenating colors, ample sunlight, clutter-free space, and comfortable furniture to work on are few pre-requisites for success to work from home. Below are the few tips to design your work station at home:

Be unique: Keeping with the trends seems cool to a lot of us. But when it comes to our homes we want to be unique and minimalistic. One way to glam-up your workplace is to use an oak wooden tabletop against a backdrop of Moroccan tiles to bring out a perfect blend of nature and craftsmanship.

Add green: A lovely plant at your workplace helps to feel calm and keeps the air around your space clean. We would recommend a snake plant or a rubber plant as these plants require low maintenance and also known to bring good luck to the family.

Add a print: Hanging a print against the backdrop of a neutral white tile will give a refreshing look to the whole space.  You can use removable wall strips to hold up against your prints. This makes it easy to change them whenever required and will keep the space alive every time you decide to change the prints

Organize your space: We have heard in our offices to keep the workstation clutter-free. At home, it can be a little difficult to achieve especially if there are kids around in the house. Keeping the office clutter-free also increases productivity as it helps to focus on the important things. Use your vertical space too, by putting cabinets and with varying types of storage and a wall hanging pinboard to organize the documents which would otherwise end up shoved in a drawer.

Investing in a home workspace may become the new normal as offices look to make the best out of this crisis.

We at Thetileshouse.com will go the distance to make your home workspace a reality and hence keep your productivity high. To save your time and energy, order wall and floor tile samples from our website. Our expert staff will get tile samples at your doorstep and will display the tiles for a perfect match. Visit www.thetileshouse.com and shop now.

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