Ask anyone in India where in their home they feel the happiest, chances are that a majority would say the kitchen without any hesitation. There is a good reason why this is the case. Obviously, this is where all the delicious food is prepared. That being said, food isn’t the only thing that makes an Indian kitchen so attractive.

The overall aesthetic style of most kitchen interiors in India, especially the color of tiles these spaces use, is what makes them unique. Traditionally, Indian Kitchens have always stood out because of their use of bold and bright colors. Not only do these colors enhance an interior’s visual appeal, but they also make the kitchen look vibrant and welcoming.

While kitchen tiles have crucial practical applications, no one can deny the sheer aesthetic value they add to these spaces in Indian households. If you are out in the market looking for the best kitchen floor tiles in India, the color will considerably influence your decision.

This is why we at The Tiles House thought it best to share tips and tricks to help you find the perfect Indian kitchen tile design. 

Understanding Color Theory in Kitchen Tiles Design

When choosing a tile color, it is always advisable to choose one that works for your kitchen space and complements the overall décor of your interior. To make a choice you won’t regret, we suggest relying on the often-espoused color theory. With respect to interior design, this theory basically states that you can associate various emotions with colors.

Colors affect the way we think, act, and feel. So it is best to choose a house kitchen tile color that’s capable of creating an atmosphere that best speaks to you.

Now there are different types of colors that you’ll find on the color wheel, each having a unique effect on your mood and kitchen’s aesthetic. These colors can broadly be classified into the following categories:

1. Complimentary Colors

These are colors that are the perfect opposite of each other, like Orange and Blue or Violet and Yellow. They work phenomenally well as accent colors.

2. Cool and Warm Colors

Warm colors include yellow, red, orange, and pink. They evoke a warm feeling within us. On the other hand, we have cool colors like blue, purple, and green that evoke a cool feeling in us.

3. Triads

These colors constitute a triangle on the color wheel. Triads could be a combination of red, yellow, and blue or violet, orange, and green. While the triad can work as accent colors, you’ll need to balance their application to avoid overwhelming your kitchen space.

4. Noncolors

Examples of non-colors include brown, beige, gray, and white colors. These colors can give your kitchen’s interior design an edgy, stylish look.

Popular Colors in Indian Kitchen Tiles Design

As I mentioned before, most Indian kitchens are known for using bright and bold colors. It is a definitive feature that breathes life into an Indian kitchen and makes it stand apart from the modern designs we see today.

You’ll find home kitchen tiles in a wide range of colors across the country. Some prominent kitchen tile colors being used today are as follows:

1. White

White is quite a favorite in Indian households. Perhaps it is because the color represents purity and light. White-colored tiles can make an interior space look larger than it actually is.

2. Green

Green is often a staple in Indian kitchens because it closely resembles nature. It can have a very soothing and calm effect on your mind.

3. Red

Red is often associated with fire. Some also believe that the color brings luck and happiness to the house owner. The color red also pops in front of your eyes more aggressively than any other color.

4. Yellow

Yellow is another color that is closely associated with happiness, positivity, and energy. Therefore, kitchen tiles in this color could serve you well in creating a positive atmosphere.

5. Pink

Pink is a color that represents love. As such, it serves as the perfect color to embellish the walls and floors of your kitchen. It can perpetuate joy and happiness in your kitchen while you cook or dine with your family together in that space.

Tips for Choosing the Right Colors for Your Kitchen Tiles

To make sure you are making the right decision when choosing a specific color for your kitchen tiles, we suggest you adhere to the following tips:

  • First, understand what kind of atmosphere you want to create in your kitchen. If you want your kitchen to stand out, go for bolder colors like red and yellow. If you wish for a simpler yet elegant aesthetic, then white or green should serve you just fine.
  • Go with the color that personally appeals to you. Use your favorite colors without any hesitation when choosing home kitchen tiles. If the tile makes you feel happy and satisfied, it’s perfect for you.
  • Make sure the color you choose complements the overall décor of your kitchen. It should blend well with the aesthetic design of your kitchen cabinets, countertops, etc.
  • Choose your color of preference with accents like backsplashes, countertops, accessories, etc. Do not use more than three different types of colors in one space. The color of your kitchen tile should not overwhelm the color of the accessories in it.

How the Tiles House Can help you Choose the Right Colors for your Kitchen Tiles

The Tiles House serves as your one-stop solution for high-quality kitchen tiles. We offer a massive library of floor and wall tiles that can be purchased in a wide range of design, styling finishes, and of course, colors. We offer kitchen tiles in colors that can cater to all kinds of styles, tastes, and preferences.

All you have to do is browse through our online catalog to find a tile color that best compliments your kitchen’s specific aesthetic. You call and talk to our representatives directly to get an expert opinion on which tile color would give your kitchen the makeover it needs. We can acquaint you with a custom tile design upon request as well.

Plus, we can also send you a free tile sample that’ll be delivered straight to your home. We’ll assist you every step of the way to make sure you find a color for your kitchen tiles that best caters to your requirements and preference.


For as long as we can remember, a defining aspect of Indian Kitchens has always been the bright and bold colored tiles embellishing the walls and floors of that space. Colors give an interior space its identity. It can dramatically enhance a kitchen’s aesthetic value. This is why we recommend paying extra attention to color when out shopping for kitchen tiles.

The color should compliment not only your kitchen’s overall décor but also satisfy your own personal preference. If you are looking for kitchen tiles in stunning colors and designs, then we suggest you look no further than The Tiles House.

We have a massive catalog of more than 1000 different types of tiles for you to explore. So visit our online shop and start browsing.

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