Ask anybody what their favorite part of a home is. Chances are, most of them will say it’s the balcony.  Balconies are perhaps the most cherished parts of a home. We can go to relax after a hard day of work, sip a cup of tea, read a book, or simply gaze at nature outside.

So it only makes sense to decorate this special space in your home to your heart’s delight. Fortunately, all you need is just the right balcony tiles to give your balcony some much-needed personality. Depending on what aesthetic style you want your balcony to adopt, there is a wide range of balcony design ideas to explore and experiment with.

As the finest online store for tiles in India, here at The Tiles House, we are familiar with modern balcony design trends that are really hot right now. We would like to use this blog as an opportunity to introduce you to some of these ideas and help you choose the right tiles for your balconies.

So without much further ado, let’s get started.

1. Rustic Wood Tiles

Balconies are integral to any home’s outdoor space. They are our window into the outside world. Therefore, rustic wood tiles seem like a great design choice. With these tiles, you are basically combining nature-inspired textures and tones with modern architectural design.

Rustic wood tiles bring warmth to the outdoor space. You’ll also have no problem matching them with your outdoor furniture. Besides their rural charm, these tiles also serve a practical purpose. Wood is known to exhibit excellent moisture and water-resistant properties. These tiles are durable and will be very easy to maintain.

2. Decorative Patterned Tiles

The use of decorative patterned tiles has long been one of the most popular balcony flooring ideas.  If you are a fan of thematic styling, you’ll adore the effect that decorative patterned tiles can create. Whatever design or color you go with, you’ll find these tiles to be quite effective in turning even modest balconies into mesmerizing beauty.

They are ideal for both traditional and contemporary homes. If you want to add unique themes to your balcony or simply want it to look unique, then we suggest you give decorative patterned tiles a short.

3. Geo-Patterned Tiles

Similar to decorative patterned tiles, Geo-Patterned Tiles are also quite effective in turning your balconies into an instant attention grabber. These tiles use geometric shapes to create patterns. Although they are visually effective in any space, we feel they are ideal for balconies. 

If your home has contemporary décor, we suggest going with tiles with a honeycomb pattern or opting for a design with straight, sleek lines with precise outlines.

4. Terra Cotta for a Mediterranean Feel

If you want to replicate the feel of vacationing in the Mediterranean, then we cannot recommend Terra Cotta tiles enough. The word Terra-Cotta literally translates to ‘baked earth’ in Italian. The earthy tone of these tiles makes them exceptionally stunning. Once used for roofing, today, they are very popular balcony design tiles.

They can give your outdoor space a warm feeling, which is essential if you go for that distinct Mediterranean style.

These are low-maintenance tiles, which means they are easy to clean while also being tough. You should go for Terra-Cotta tiles if you are looking for practical outdoor flooring ideas. In fact, this is one modern balcony floor tile design that we believe will never go out of style.

5. Slate Mosaic Tiles for a Micro Paradise

Now, we recommend slate tiles because of their innate anti-slip properties. Slate Tiles will keep your balcony floors non-slippery even after it had been met with heavy rain. Add a mosaic pattern to these tiles, and you’ve got a perfect combination of style and substance. 

With Mosaic tiles, you can experiment with several patterns and designs that you can think of. The tiles truly let you stretch your creativity and imagination. 

Slate Mosaic Tiles are highly customizable. You have a plethora of balcony tile ideas to choose from in this variant. Whatever variant of slate mosaic tile you go with, you’ll give your balcony an original look with a magnetic visual appeal.

6. Embellish Your Outdoor Space with Tiles Made of Natural Stone Design

As balconies are typically part of a home’s outdoor space, it only makes sense to look for outdoor floor and wall tiles. Outdoor tiles differ from indoor tiles in terms of their aesthetics and practical purpose. As balconies come in direct contact with harsh weather like heavy rain or extreme humidity, you’d want weather-resistant tiles that exhibit anti-slip properties and are durable.

So we suggest you go with natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic tiles. You’ll also notice that most outdoor floor and wall tiles have a rustic, earthy, and natural visual tone. This is largely true for all balcony wall tile designs in India. We recommend specifically using outdoor tiles to embellish your balconies.  You’ll find plenty of expertly crafted outdoor tiles at The Tiles House that boast these visual features.

When it comes to floor and wall tile designs for balconies, the options are endless. We suggest you just choose a design choice that appeals to you and matches your home’s aesthetic style. 

If you wish to explore some of India’s hottest balcony tile designs, we suggest you head on to The Tiles House online store.

Our catalog is brimming with balcony tiles that can be purchased in a wide range of dimensions, colors, designs, and finishes.

Visit our website to explore our massive collection, or call us to get a free tile sample delivered straight to your home. 

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