Forest Wave Matt Full Body Vitrified Tile 32 Inch * 64 Inch

140.00/ Sqft


About full body tiles design : Forest Wave Full Body Vitrified Tile 32 Inch * 64 Inch

Full body vitrified tiles have a single colour throughout and are uniform in size, shape, and colour. As a result of it’s seamless finish, full body vitrified tiles design gives floor or wall a sophisticated appearance that won’t tarnish with time. Full body tiles are often called homogeneous tiles as it use same material from top to bottom.

These tiles are the finest option for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom terrace, porch, garden, balcony, offices, and other commercial spaces. Additionally resistant to most acids and chemicals, full body vitrified tiles are a great option for industrial use.

The first thing that comes when someone hears ‘Green’ is the lush and wild nature. The soothing and calm effect it brings to the mind is unmatchable. While nothing can match the satisfaction of a weekend getaway into lush green places, green-themed tiles can surely bring you an inch closer to it right at your home. Read our blog The color psychology: How tile color can affect your mood” for more details on other colors.

Amazing wave surface of this tile creates design walls and floors with eye-catching and dynamic effects.

The Matt finish means no polishing has taken place. These tiles are also good for the outdoors, as they are durable and easy to clean.

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The Tiles House has tiles that go with a variety of aesthetics, personalities, and settings.

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