Zenga Ocean Glossy Subway Tile 3 Inch * 12 Inch

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About Zenga Ocean Glossy Subway Tile 3 Inch * 12 Inch

The Ocean Color Picket-Shaped Subway Tiles offered by The Tiles House in size of 3×12 inches invite the serene beauty of the sea into your living space. With their unique picket shape and captivating ocean-inspired color, these tiles redefine the concept of traditional subway tiles, bringing a fresh and enchanting touch to your interior design.

The Ocean color palette captures the soothing hues of the sea, ranging from tranquil blues to calming greens. This color choice evokes a sense of relaxation and tranquility, instantly transporting you to coastal landscapes and beachside retreats. The tiles create a serene ambiance, making them perfect for spaces where you seek to unwind and rejuvenate.

The 3×12 inch dimensions of these tiles offer versatile design possibilities. Whether arranged in a classic horizontal or vertical subway pattern, or any other creative arrangement, they add an element of visual interest that echoes the ebb and flow of ocean waves.

The Picket-Shaped design by The Tiles House combines modern aesthetics with a nod to classic subway tile designs. The unique shape adds an unexpected twist to the timeless subway tile, infusing your space with an artistic and contemporary flair.

Whether used as a captivating kitchen backsplash, an accent wall in your bathroom, or a feature in your living room, these tiles create a visual narrative that speaks of coastal charm and oceanic allure. The Ocean Color Picket-Shaped Subway Tiles from The Tiles House are a testament to the intersection of design, imagination, and the calming essence of the sea.

The gloss finish on this tile gives a shinier look compared to other finishes. This makes it more reflective which is ideal if you like a lot of light in the room and an open airy feel. If you live in a busy home and have little time to clean, this makes the tiles even more appealing.

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