Ruggine Titan Matt Tile 12 Inch x 48 Inch

3,015.00/ Sqft


About Ruggine Titan Matt Tile 12 Inch x 48 Inch 

The Ruggine series takes its cue from the elegance that may be achieved by blending simple tiles with beautiful flower design. These complementary tiles may be arranged in a variety of ways to further define the area while creating a distinctive and artistic aesthetic. With its organic tones and vigorous movement on each tile, this gorgeous collection creates something that will be very personal and unique.

Due to its artisanal manufacture and the special materials it is made with (natural stone, glass, metal, resins, etc.), this product may present variations in calibre, texture, design and shade. For subsequent cleanings, we recommend the use of soft cloth dampened in water and neutral soap. Never use energetic detergents or abrasive cleaning products.

This includes Ruggine Decor Titan, Ruggine Base Titan and Ruggine Day Light Titan.

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The Tiles House has tiles that go with a variety of aesthetics, personalities, and settings.

To bring you the best and most modern tile designs, The Tiles house will travel as far as it is necessary. Delivering the best tiles to customers right at their doorstep.

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