Flower Clay Jaali 8 Inch * 8 Inch

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Give your space an aesthetic look with eco-friendly terracotta clay jaali. Charming and designer terracotta jaalis are made from natural clay (mitti) for residential and commercial purposes.

Jaalis is a versatile material that can be used for facades, internal partitions, ceiling decoration, and even for pavers. They let fresh air circulate while blocking out the sun’s rays and allowing in natural light.

Once fitted as instructed, the terracotta or clay jaali is permanent until deliberately broken.

Due to the clay jaali’s small size, countless patterns can be created by combining various designs.

These mid-century modern design blocks have started to move from an exterior feature to an interior accent. Today, you can find them in kitchens or against walls as fun retro decor. They’re great for providing partitions where space can be divided without the unnecessary structural presence of a wall.

Some more uses for Jaali:

Front Yard: Screen off the view of your space from the street, while maintaining natural light within your indoor space.

Back Porch: Create your own, well-ventilated and shaded oasis in your backyard.

Outdoor Paving: Make your walkway just as beautiful as where it takes you.

Commercial Projects: Add an element of texture and depth to a commercial space.

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