Figures Bisell Zen Oro Matt Tile 6 Inch x 10 Inch

1,940.00/ Sqft


About Figures Bisell Zen Oro Matt Tile 6 Inch x 10 Inch 

Figures, our luxurious series stands out for its superlative balance between ground-breaking and classic . The tile has a bevelled edge which adds dimension to the surface. The addition of a glitzy golden tile gives the room a sense of elegance and bohemianism that fits with the idea of practically any aesthetic trend.

This indicates that the tile has a non-shiny, flat surface, which can be beneficial for areas where you don’t want glare or reflections.The tile likely features a bisell design, which typically refers to a beveled edge or a slightly curved edge.

The “Zen” in the name suggests a design theme that may be minimalist, serene, or inspired by natural elements

Bisell” could possibly be a brand name, and “Zen Oro Matt” might indicate the style or finish of the tile. The entire space may be changed by combining golden and white colours.

This is a winning colour scheme that can be confidently credited to the genre’s classics. It blends in beautifully with both rustic and glam decor.If you’re looking for these tiles, you might want to check with local tile suppliers, home improvement stores, or online retailers that specialize in tiles. They can provide you with more accurate information regarding availability, pricing, and any other details you might need

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