Blood Red Bevelled Subway Tile 4 Inch * 8 Inch

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About Blood Red Bevelled Subway Tile 4 Inch * 8 Inch

A Victorian-era obsession with cleanliness gave rise to subway tile. They are stain-resistant, simple to clean, and light-reflective due to their glossy, glazed appearance. They immediately had a reputation for being practical and hygienic, and in places like bathrooms and kitchens, they were the preferred wall covering.

A subway tile is a small or medium-sized rectangular-shaped tile that is known for its versatility, popularity, and ease of coordinating with any space or style.

Subway tile mosaic with prominent beveled edges and a lot of styles add sophistication and character to any installation. This is best suited for indoor walls and can be either your next backsplash, feature wall, stunning fireplace surround, or all three.

Subway tile offers an extremely versatile design option since you can use it to complement an overall design or use it as a color pop to make a stand-out piece in an overall design.

The gloss finish on this tile gives a shinier look compared to other finishes. This makes it more reflective which is ideal if you like a lot of light in the room and an open airy feel. If you live in a busy home and have little time to clean, this makes the tiles even more appealing.

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