Wish to look over new Indian kitchen tiles design but feeling overwhelmed by the number of options in front of you? If so, then this article is written just for you.

Kitchen tiles new design are all the rage right now. It wouldn’t be too farfetched to claim that they’ve become somewhat of a focal point today when it comes to conversations surrounding the design of kitchen interiors/design of home interiors. Almost everyone wants to use the latest design of kitchen tiles to give their space a distinctive stunning appearance.

Fortunately, we live in a time where new tile designs for kitchens seem to pop up every single day. Needless to say, you have a plethora of options at your disposal for kitchen tile designs. So the question then is… how do you choose the right tile design for your kitchen?

We would like to answer that question by acquainting you with some trending kitchen new tiles design ideas and also give you a peek at our catalog of some of the latest design tiles for the kitchen. 

Check Out – What is Trending in Kitchen Tiles New Design

If there was ever a time to experiment with the look of your kitchen’s interior, it would be now. Allow us to introduce you to a few ideas pertaining to trending tiles for the kitchen. We’ve seen many opt for Moroccan tiles recently for their regal aesthetic and ability to brighten the mood.

Origami-printed kitchen tiles have also emerged as a fascinating idea for backsplashes. A multi-colored origami-printed tile can perfectly complement the black and white cabinets in your kitchen.

Another design idea that has many people rightfully intrigued today is kitchen tiles with a honeycomb pattern. They are perfect if you wish to brighten up your kitchen space or add some much-needed hint of visual intrigue.

If you want something simple yet elegant, then you can always opt for mosaic kitchen tiles. If you have light-colored cabinets in your kitchen, then we suggest aqua-colored kitchen tiles. The combination is bound to give your kitchen a mesmerizing appearance.

Now that you know what’s trending in kitchen tile designs, allow us at The Tiles House to give you a sneak peek into what we offer.

List of Kitchen Tiles New Designs that You Can Consider Installing in Your Kitchen

1) Clay Sienna Elvia Vitrified Tiles for Kitchen

If you are going for a basic, vintage, or retro look for your kitchen. This vitrified tile will be ideal for your kitchen. These tiles are easy to install and clean. Plus, they’ll look just as good in your bathroom or living area as they do in your kitchen

Check Out Here

2) OSET Calacatta Gold Chevron Porcelain Tile

If you are looking for something rather luxurious, then this porcelain tile for your kitchen will be right up your alley. This is a polished white tile that is accented by gold and soft grey veining.

Check Out Here

3) York Yellow 4×12 inch Subway Tile

This versatile subway tile for the kitchen is complementing any type of interior space and accentuates its original appeal. The bright yellow color makes the subway kitchen tile easily stand out in its environment.

Check Out Here

4) Cosco Foresta Ceramic Tile 8inch*8inch

This ceramic tile for the kitchen is ideal for adding a vintage, rustic touch to any space. Being joint-free, they serve as a great alternative to natural stone.

Check Out Here

5) Retro Enzo Matt Ceramic 8 Inch * 8 Inch Tile

If you wish to add a much more designer-oriented, sleek look to your kitchen space, then you’ll adore this black tile for the kitchen. What makes them ideal for the kitchen is the fact that they are easy to clean and maintain.

Check Out Here

6) White Cubes Moroccan Ceramic Tile 12*12 Inch

Shiny and luminous, these moroccan ceramic kitchen tiles are ideal to make your kitchen look even brighter and more spacious. These hexagon tiles for the kitchen are also extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Check Out Here

Get the Best New Design Tiles for Your Kitchen from the Tiles House

The above list is just a brief sample of what we have to offer here at The Tiles House. Our massive catalog harbors over 1000 different designs of tiles. You’ll find a tile here in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. We are one of the few tile manufacturers in India that specialize in creating custom tile designs that are based on our customer’s specific preferences.

We have kitchen tiles that are durable, easy to maintain, and extremely affordable. You can call us right now to get a free tile sample delivered to your home right away. Suffice it to say, The Tiles House is your one-stop shop online for the latest and hottest kitchen tile designs in the market. 

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