A terrace is perhaps the one place in your house that’s entirely exposed to the outside environment.  So choosing the right tiles for terrace flooring  is essential to give this space a unique, stunning, and functional appeal. That said, finding the right terrace files is easier said than done. 

It is important to make a distinction between terrace tiles and their traditional counterpart. What works wonderfully for a home’s interior, may not have the same effect for terraces. Aesthetics apart, you’ll also need to pay heed to the functionality of a tile that’s about to be used to embellish the walls and floors of a terrace. 

Your terrace will be exposed to the atmosphere outside. You’ll need a tile that can withstand harsh weather, strong heat, and exhibit strong resistance to dust and grime. For instance, your terrace will come in direct contact with rain. So nothing short of the best waterproof tiles for terrace will suffice. 

To make sure you are making the right decision, you’ll first need to pay heed to certain factors. Those factors are what we will be shedding light on with the help of this article. 

After reading this article, you’ll have absolutely no issue purchasing the perfect tiles for your terrace. 

So without much further ado, let’s get started. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Terrace Floor Tiles

1. Material Type

When it comes to terrace tiles, their resilience, and durability matter a lot. These are tiles, after all, that’ll need to withstand the harsh climate outside your home. So the material of tile you choose can make a considerable difference to both the functional and aesthetic aspects of your terrace. 

Following are a few Materials that are ideal for open terrace tiles:

i) Porcelain

Created at a very high temperature, Porcelain tiles are perfect for terraces. This material is known to exhibit high tolerance to harsh weather conditions. They are durable, stain-resistant, and low-maintenance. The tiles are considerably cheap today and come in a variety of interesting designs and finish options. 

ii) Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles are known for being robust and durable. They are both scratch and stain resistant. They are also very easy to install and maintain. One downside, however, is the fact that these tiles are relatively more expensive than ceramic and porcelain tiles. 

So not all will be able to afford them. Still, if you want a tile that comes in multiple variants, can conjure consistent design and texture across the entire space, and is easy to maintain, then you’ll find Vitrified tiles to be a wise option. 

iii) Marble Tiles

Another type of tile that’s really known for its robustness and durability is a marble. Once installed, they can give your terrace a stunning look. However, their installation process can be time-consuming. Once installed, a mixture of sand, cement, and gravel must be mixed within the groove in between the tiles. 

This is followed by sanding and grounding done with the help of an appropriate machine. The entire process is executed in two to three cycles. The patience that a marble tile demands can be worth the wait. So if you don’t mind the long installation procedure, then marble makes for perfect roof terrace tiles.

iv) Stone Tiles

As the terrace is a space that comes closest to the outside environment, tiles made of natural stone can be an ideal choice. These tiles will make the terrace blend seamlessly with the external atmosphere of your home. It will dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your terrace as well. These tiles are very strong, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly. 

v) Wooden Tiles

If you wish to add a rustic, warm effect to your terrace, then by all means try tiles made of wood. They are strong and exhibit excellent resilience to dust, scratches, and spills. They are good at holding moisture and are also very easy to maintain. You’ll also find wooden tiles to be quite versatile today when you consider the sheer number of designs, patterns, and texture options at your disposal. 

2. Tile’s Ability to Tolerate Harsh Weather

Your terrace will be exposed to all sorts of weather conditions 24/7, all year round. Poor-quality tiles that were never meant for outdoor installation will fade away, crumble, and lose their original polish quite quickly due to constant contact with rain, heat, snow, etc. You should go for a tile that’s both cold and heat-resistant. 

3. Resistant to Scratches and Stain

Your terrace will experience heavy traffic from people walking in and out of the terrace, kids playing around, folks hosting barbecue parties, etc. So obviously you’ll need tiles that can resist damage from scratches and stains. If a spill or stain does occur, you should have no problem cleaning it up with a single wipe. 

4. Possess Anti-Slip Property

Tiles with anti-slip properties are mandatory when it comes to the flooring of outdoor spaces like terraces. This is a place after all that’ll experience rainfall and become wet. A very slippery floor could increase the chances of people falling and becoming victims of painful injuries. Needless to say, do not compromise in this area, and make sure the tile you buy exhibits anti-slip properties.

5. Go with a Design that Complements your Personal Preferences

When it comes to terrace tiles, texture, design, pattern, and finishing style will totally depend on your personal preference. Whatever type of tile you choose, make sure it reflects your personality. Also, the design of the terrace tile should blend seamlessly with the décor and overall aesthetic style of your entire home.

6. Cost

This is perhaps the very first thing you’d want clarity on. Terrace tiles are available at a wide range of prices. Whether they are expensive or cheap, will totally depend on the design, material, and innate qualities of the tile. It isn’t wise to compromise with quality to save a few bucks on tiles, especially when it concerns tiles for terrace flooring. If you wish to buy top-notch terrace tiles at affordable prices, we suggest you look no further than the online store of The Tiles House. 


Finding the best tiles for your terrace can be challenging if you don’t know what factors to consider. If you stick to the tips we’ve mentioned above, you’ll have absolutely no trouble finding a tile that benefits your terrace both aesthetically and functionally. Just make sure the tile you choose:

  • Meets the specific requirements for terrace flooring
  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Exhibits resistance to harsh weather
  • Easy to maintain
  • Possess non-skid property
  • Complement the visual style of your home. 

You’ll find such high-end tiles at the online store of The Tiles House. At our store, you’ll find terrace tiles in a wide range of colors, materials, designs, textures, and finishing options. We have a massive catalog of tiles for you to explore. 

So call us now to learn more about our store or get a free tile sample delivered to your home.

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