Ochre Moroccan Vitrified Tile 16*16 Inch

It might be difficult to select the ideal tile for your home. Finding a tile that complements your interiors requires great thought and attention because there are countless variations of tiles on the market. While style and aesthetics are very important, it’s also crucial to match the tiles to the needs of the room so that they improve your spaces. Here’s a brief overview of the top tiles for your rooms. 


The kitchen is the scene of most culinary adventures, thus there are frequently splattering sauces and hot, boiling oils there. Not to mention the potential for heavy cans and kitchenware to fall from the countertop to the ground. You will see why Kitchens require a robust flooring solution when you consider the regular dragging of chairs and tables into the equation. Because of this, the stain and scratch-resistant tile collection make sure that your kitchens are efficient and clean while requiring less sweeping and cleaning.


A bedroom is a place for rest, unlike the kitchen. By choosing colours and tiles that are soft and soothing to the eye, you may give your bedroom a cosy feel and an appealing appearance. For this reason, natural stone tiles and tiles with a wooden finish are also wonderful choices to offer your bedrooms a calming and soothing atmosphere. After a long day at work, you may relax in your bedrooms by using a relaxing flooring surface that is soft, flexible, and non-reflective.

Living Room

The living room is a hive of activity, family gatherings, and daily activities. Your home’s focal point needs your undivided attention to convey your uniqueness. Therefore, living rooms require a harmonious balancing act between critical functionality like low maintenance and long service life and aesthetic appeal. Large size slabs are ideal for living rooms since they offer elegance and require little upkeep.


The bathroom is largely moist and could serve as a germ-breeding habitat. Therefore, sanitary tiles with an anti-slip feature are ideal for bathrooms that are tidy and secure. While welcome lighting makes the bathroom appear larger thanks to brilliant tiles, you can choose from a variety of patterned design options to complement your bathroom decor and express your unique sense of style.

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