Irrespective of where they are being used, Tiles can instantly add a distinct style and personality to any space they occupy. Tiles have long played an instrumental role in the interior design of homes and commercial spaces. Some use them to set a specific tone and atmosphere through their spaces, while others use them to make a bold stylistic statement.

There are a plethora of tile designs out there that help homeowners accomplish these ambitions. However, designs evolve, and as we head deep into 2023, we are witnessing new tile design trends emerge. If you want your interior décor to stand out, the best thing you can do is stay current with the hottest tile design trends.

That said, it isn’t easy to keep up with the latest trends every year. In 2023, however, we want to make sure you are covered and know everything there is to know about the new tile designs that refresh your space and grant it new life and energy.

So without much further ado, let’s get started.

1. Bold Colors

 Most experts, including the ones at The Tiles House, agree that bold colors will finally take center stage in 2023. This increasingly popular variant of tiles is already popular for their ability to add a distinct personality to spaces. Bold and Bright colors instantly grab anybody’s attention. They can spruce up the interiors and conjure a cheerful environment.

For instance, using yellow or green colored backsplashes in kitchens can infuse that particular space with unparalleled richness and depth. These colors also have a positive psychological impact on you. They are great at enhancing one’s mood and brightening one’s day.

2. Large Format Tiles

 Large Format Tiles are rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. They are especially ideal for small rooms in your home. Their proper installation can make even a small space look considerably spacious and large than it actually is. They are also quite effective in creating a consistent visual look across your floor and walls.

There are also practical benefits to installing this sort of tiles. The large size basically means less time for installation. It also takes less effort to clean them up.

3. Mixed Materials

There is no hard and fast rule that you must install only one type of tile in your bathroom, kitchen, or balcony. You can get a little bit creative and try to mix different tile materials to achieve a truly unique and unprecedented look. For instance, we’ve seen incredible results by mixing tiles of different textures.

You can try mixing wood tiles with stone variants to achieve a bold look that brings warmth to your space. Alternatively, you can also try mixing tiles of different colors, shapes, finishes, and sizes.

4. Geometric Shapes

There was a time when square and rectangular-shaped tiles were the only variants used across households. In 2023, however, geometric-shaped tiles will become all the rage. We are already witnessing insane demand for the hexagon and diamond-shaped tiles, both of which are now being used as a form of self-expression.

If you want to embellish your walls with a fascinating look, you can incorporate black and white hexagonal-shaped tiles. You can also create an impressive chequerboard by installing square-shaped patterned tiles on your floors.

5. Metallic Accents

Metallic Accents add a hint of glamour and luxury to your space without costing you a lot of money. Metallic Accent Tiles are naturally shiny. This reflective nature can be used in rooms to create an illusion of space. They are perfect for small spaces that do not experience natural lighting.

We would recommend using metallic accents alongside stone and ceramic styles. The organic texture of stone works well with the silvery sheen emanated by metal. Alternatively, metallic accents blend well with glass tiles as well.

6. Natural Stone

Natural stone can bring an unmatched level of elegance and opulence to any room it inhabits. Whether granite or marble, their incorporation with modern interior décor is seamless. Their durability makes them perfect for bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom flooring.

They can also be used as wall cladding solutions that add more texture to interior walls. Natural stone tiles made of Granite or quartzite make for excellent kitchen backsplashes.

7. Textured Tiles

If you want to add depth and dimension to your interior spaces, the best way to accomplish that is through textured tiles. Regarding textured tiles today, you have many options to unleash your creativity. You can use textured tile backsplashes to warm up an all-white kitchen.

You can try using 3D tiles to give your bathroom walls an artsy look. You can go with etched tiles to texture up your entryway walls.

8. Mosaic Tiles

With origins that can be traced back to ancient Rome, Mosaic Tiles are still widely popular today. They’ve evolved considerably and are available in various shapes and sizes for purchase today. They can also seamlessly blend with modern home décor. Mosaic tiles can be used to give a distinct look to your kitchen backsplash or countertops.

They can also be used to partially or entirely embellish to walls of a living room or bedroom. You can also rely on the mesmerizing look of these tiles to create alluring floors that cover the pathways in your home.

9. Subway Tiles

If you want to make a bold statement with a new wall tiles design, the best way to do so is via subway tiles. For instance, the Riga Dune Subway Tile is available for purchase at The Tiles House online store. These boat-shaped tiles are eye-catching and can be installed in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc.

Similarly, you’ll find subway tiles in various colors, shapes, sizes, and finishing styles. We recommend trusting your instinct when buying a particular type of subway tile to embellish the interiors of your home.

10. Wallpaper Tiles 

Wallpaper Tiles aren’t a new concept. They’ve been used in western households for ages and have only now gained popularity in India. Available in various designs, Wallpaper Tiles are perfect for those who prefer their walls to have an artistic appeal.

You’ll find beautifully drawn floral and animal wallpaper tiles in various colors and designs at The Tiles House. Choose one that you know will appeal to your personality the most.


2023 promises to be an exciting year for new tile design trends. You’ll find a wide range of tiles that suit all tastes and preferences in the market. Whether you are going for a minimalistic look or prefer bright colors, a tile design out there is bound to complement your home’s interior décor.

If you are planning a home renovation in 2023, give the above trends a shot. For more inspiration, we suggest you visit The Tiles House online store and explore our versatile tiles catalog with your own eyes.

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