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Transform Your Living Space with Designer Floor Tiles

Transform Your Living Space from Bland to Grand! Floor tiles are often not applied to design but treated as a practical choice. However, with the right approach, floor tiles can also serve as an intruder into the interior, reviving the boring flooring into a personality expression coat. This blog will take you on a brief excursion into the designer floor tiles, tell you what to choose them for the living room, introduce you to a matt finish from the designed floor tile, and explain the options for how to style large outdoor tiles at home.

Ceramic & Porcelain: Ceramic & porcelain are durable, water-resistant materials available in numerous styles and colors. 

Natural Stone: Natural stone tiles, such as granite or marble, will give your space a high-end feel. Be aware that this material is high-maintenance. 

Wood-Look Tiles: For the natural feel of hardwood floors without the upkeep, choose wood-look tiles.

Durable and suitable for high-traffic environments. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile: If you’re on a budget, LVT may be the ideal option as it has a natural wood or stone appearance and can be installed in planks.

Best Flooring Tiles for Living Room: Merging Style with Functionality

Since the sitting room is the homestead’s heart, your floor tiles need to echo the same style as you and withstand the regular hustle and bustle. Some of the parameters to be considered include:

Living Room Theme: A marble room with a Tuscan style would be complemented heavily by classic travertine. A modern theme is completed by including a sleek porcelain.

Visitation: Highly visited rooms are significantly better suited with harder flooring like porcelain or LVT. Lower footfall seating can be much better with softer alternatives such as natural stone.

Reflection of Light: Think about how lighting interacts with the material. The Glossy completes mirror light and establish the sense of space, whilst matt end tiles are hotter.

The Allure of Matt Finish Floor Tiles for Living Rooms

Matt finish tiles, also called unglazed tiles, are becoming increasingly popular for living rooms.

They offer several advantages:

  1. Natural Beauty: Matt finishes showcase the inherent beauty of the tile material, creating a sophisticated, understated look.
  2. Slip Resistance: The textured surface of matt tiles provides better slip resistance compared to glossy finishes, ideal for high-traffic areas.
  3. Hides Imperfections: Matt finishes tend to camouflage minor scratches and imperfections better than glossy tiles.

Transforming Your Living Space

Designer floor tiles are an investment that can significantly enhance your living space. By considering your style, functionality, and the allure of matt finishes, you can find the perfect tiles to create a living room that reflects your personality and leaves a lasting impression. So, unleash your creativity and embark on your journey to transform your living space with designer floor tiles!

What is the price per box of 4×4 floor tiles?

The price per box of 4×4 floor tiles can vary greatly depending on several factors:

  • Material: Ceramic and porcelain tiles are generally more affordable than natural stone or luxury vinyl tile.
  • Brand and Design: Designer tiles with unique patterns or finishes will typically cost more than basic options.
  • Location: Prices can differ between regions and stores.

Since you’re likely looking for a general idea, here’s a range:

  • In India, a box of 4×4 ceramic tiles can range from ₹30 to ₹500 (approx. $0.40 to $6.50 USD) depending on the factors mentioned above.

For a more specific price, it’s best to visit our page and browse online retailers in your area. They can provide pricing based on the material, brand, and design you choose.

What is the price per box of 2×2 floor tiles?

Like 4×4 tiles, the price per box of 2×2 floor tiles depends on several factors including:

  • Material: Ceramic and porcelain are typically the most affordable, while natural stone and luxury vinyl tile will cost more.
  • Brand and Design: Unique patterns or finishes will increase the price compared to basic options.
  • Location: Prices can vary depending on region and store.

Here’s a ballpark figure to get you started:

  • In India, a box of 2×2 ceramic tiles can range from ₹20 to ₹400 (approx. $0.25 to $5.20 USD) [based on my knowledge of tile pricing in India.

For a more precise price, it’s recommended to:

  • Visit a local tile store: They can give you accurate prices based on the specific material, brand, and design you’re interested in.
  • Browse online retailers in your area: Many online stores allow you to filter by size and material, giving you a good idea of pricing options.

How many tiles are there in a box of 4×4 floor tiles?

The number of tiles in a box of 4×4 floor tiles depends on the total area covered by the box and the area of each individual tile. Here’s why:

  • Box Coverage: Tile manufacturers typically package their products to cover a specific area. For example, a box might be advertised as covering 10 square feet.
  • Individual Tile Area: The number of tiles in the box will depend on the size of each individual tile. Since you mentioned 4×4 tiles, we can assume each tile covers 4 square feet (4 inches x 4 inches). Without knowing the exact coverage area of the box, we can’t determine the precise number of tiles. However, we can use a scenario to understand the concept:
  • Imagine a box advertised to cover 10 square feet.
  • If each tile is 4×4 inches (which is 1/16 of a square foot), then the box would contain 160 tiles (10 square feet / (1/16 square feet per tile)).
Tile Patterns

10 Stunning Tile Patterns to Enhance Your Entryway

The entryway of your home serves as the first impression and sets the tone for the entire space, and it should be both welcoming and stylish. are a great way to add personality and visual interest to your entryway, and there are endless patterns to choose from Therefore, choosing the right flooring material becomes crucial, and entryway tile offers several advantages that make it a compelling option Here are 10 stunning tile patterns to inspire you:

  1. Hexagonal Tiles :- Hexagonal tiles offer a unique and contemporary look, perfect for adding a modern touch to your entryway.
  2. Subway Tiles :- Simple yet stylish, subway tiles arranged in a classic brick pattern can lend a clean and streamlined look to your entryway.
  3. Mosaic Tiles :- Mosaic tiles come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to create a truly unique and eye-catching pattern for your entryway.
  4. Chevron Tiles :- Similar to the herringbone but with a more modern twist, the chevron pattern creates a bold statement in your entry.
  5. Brick Pattern Tiles :- Brick pattern tile is a popular choice for entryways as it offers a timeless and classic look that complements various design styles.
  6. Floral Tiles :- For a touch of romance, consider a floral tile pattern. This pattern is especially beautiful in soft, muted colours.
  7. Geometric Tiles :- Geometric tiles are a great way to add a modern touch to your entryway. There are endless possibilities when it comes to geometric patterns, so you can find one that perfectly suits your style.
  8. Moroccan Tiles :- Moroccan tiles are known for their intricate patterns and vibrant colours. They can add a touch of exotic flair to your entryway.
  9. Penny Round :-  Penny round tiles are small, circular tiles that add a vintage touch to any entryway. They are also very durable and easy to clean.
  10. Wood-Look Tiles :- Wood-look tiles are a great way to achieve the warmth and beauty of wood without the maintenance. They are also a good option for high-traffic areas, as they are very durable.

No matter what your style, there is a tile pattern out there that is perfect for your entryway. With so many options to choose from, you can create a space that is both stylish and welcoming.


Q. How do I choose a tile pattern that complements my entryway style?

ANS. To choose a tile pattern that complements your entryway style, consider the following factors:

  1. Overall Style: Determine the overall style of your entryway, whether it’s traditional, modern, eclectic, or something else. Choose a tile pattern that enhances and harmonizes with this style.
  2. Colour Scheme: Consider the colour scheme of your entryway, including walls, furnishings, and accents. Select a tile pattern with colours that complement or contrast with these elements to create a cohesive look.
  3. Space Size: Take into account the size of your entryway. Larger patterns may overwhelm a small space, while smaller patterns may get lost in a large area. Choose a pattern that is proportionate to the size of the space.
  4. Lighting: Consider the amount of natural and artificial light in your entryway. Lighter tiles can make a space feel larger and brighter, while darker tiles can add drama and intimacy. Choose a tile pattern that works well with the lighting conditions of your entryway.
  5. Personal Preference: Ultimately, choose a tile pattern that resonates with your personal taste and preferences. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns until you find the one that speaks to you.

Q. Can I mix and match different tile patterns in my entryway?

ANS. Yes, you can mix and match different tile patterns in your entryway to create a unique and personalized look. However, be mindful of maintaining a cohesive aesthetic by selecting patterns that complement each other in terms of style, colour, and scale. Consider using one main pattern as a focal point and incorporating smaller accent patterns for visual interest. Experiment with layouts and combinations to achieve the desired effect.

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