Midas Varmora FA04013-RG




Midas Varmora FA04013-RG

Waste coupling pop-up 125mm
– Rose Gold

The Midas Varmora FA04013-RG is a waste coupling with the following specifications:

  1. Waste Coupling: This is a plumbing fitting used to connect the drain of a basin or sink to the waste pipe.
  2. Pop-up: Indicates that this waste coupling includes a pop-up mechanism. Pop-up waste couplings have a lever or knob that, when pressed or turned, opens or closes the drain.
  3. 125mm: Refers to the size of the waste coupling. In this case, it likely indicates the diameter or size specification relevant to the plumbing fittings it connects with.
  4. Rose Gold: Describes the color finish of the waste coupling, which is in a rose gold shade. This finish adds an aesthetic appeal, matching modern bathroom decor styles.

In summary, the Midas Varmora FA04013-RG waste coupling with pop-up functionality and a rose gold finish is designed not only for functional drainage but also to enhance the visual appeal of the sink or basin area in a bathroom.

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