Blue Flora 12 Wallpaper Set Tile 24 Inch x 48 Inch

400.00/ Sqft


About Blue Flora 12 Wallpaper Set Tile 24 Inch x 48 Inch

As seen in the wallpaper tile image, it is a set of four 24 inches x 48 inches tiles. The top two tiles are printed wallpaper look tiles. The bottom two are solid color tiles with chair rail molding on top of it.

You can combine the wallpaper tile and molding tile or use any one of them to bring a sense of craftsmanship to your space.

Wallpaper tiles illuminate the room with their vibrant colors and patterns. These tiles skillfully interpret the timeless appeal of patterns in their infinite variety, to create stylish spaces and ideas for luxurious living. The exuberant colors make a bold statement and cheer up the whole space.

For a classic and timeless look, attach chair rail molding tile to separate a wallpapered upper wall from a non-papered wall below. Adding panel molding to the bottom half of the wall creates an element of design.

Unlike wallpapers, wallpaper set tile can be used in exterior and humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens. They are a good alternative to traditional wallpapers. These durable and low-maintenance tiles can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

The vitrified material of the tiles makes them durable. Their stain and scratch resistance, low porosity, and features make them a good choice for both indoor and outdoor.

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